Ruins, Robots, and Rrrrr....Other shit

Shit happens

So the crew is heading back to the ship, where a strangely dressed man addresses them asking for a ride out of the area. They agree and sneak him past guards, meanwhile the bitch(Kaleeya) and her bodyguard are hurrying towards the ship, andrew and eric create a disturbance, kaleeyas bodyguard beats up a bunch of guards while the crew+bitch+robot(I mean so totally not a robot….At all) leave. They go to ruins, see place is evacuated and hole in ground. Follow bitch into hole, find old computer shit rusted so much as to be unusable in any way. Kaleeya finds door and opens it, meanwhile nate finds a gadget. Woohoo! Door opens, revealing two turrets guarding something, a panel on the side wall, and a generator behind. Turrets shoot nate as he heads to the panel and he goes down. Andrew also gets hit, and Kaleeya and Pale Rider(Robot whose not a robot). Eric chucks a couple grenadino’s at the generator, blowing it to smithereens, turrets go down. Kaleeya grabs something small and the place begins to crumble so everyone runs and escapes at the last minute.


Cheeseliker Cheeseliker

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