The Beginning

Were-bears fuck shit up

The zeppelin crew agreed to carry a Miss Kaleeya and her bodyguardish older dude to a human outpost, named Cotton, in unexplored territory. There are official outposts, but none of the crew recognized the name of this one. As they got closer, they saw tons of smoke and came upon a scene of destruction. The outpost was devastated, burned to ashes with few survivors. The crew landed and spoke to nearest survivor, who talked about ‘things with claws and weapons that destroyed everything’. This man then broke down sobbing and crying. The other survivors were just walking around, looking shocked and lost. Miss Kaleeya kept asking the man about a ‘dig site’ but could get no information. Her bodyguard suggested leaving.

Andrew the girl captain started barking orders at the survivors, getting them to organize and actually do shit. Nate noticed there was a damaged zeppelin that he might be able to get working, and as they couldn’t fit all the survivors in one zep, it seemed like a good idea. It was discovered that one of the survivors was also a zep pilot. Miss Kaleeya started demanding Andrew to take her somewhere twenty minutes away, the supposed ‘dig site’. Andrew got the survivors to begin organizing themselves and doing shit while Nate began working on the other zep, figuring it would take him 2 hours to get the zep fully repaired.

Andrew and Eric decided they could take Kaleeya quickly to the dig site and be back, so they did. Or tried to rather. Ten minutes into the flight, a fireball was seen flying from beneath the treeline, striking the zep, rocking it. Thankfully the zep was magically armored, so the big balloon did not go pop. Another fireball hit and Eric couldn’t keep the zep in the air, and went down. They got bumped and bruised and Kaleeya was knocked out. Andrew wanted to stay and fight, but the bodyguard convinced him it might be a good idea to run, considering the magical fireballs. They ran for five minutes, but were-bears emerged from behind them, gaining.

Meanwhile, Nate saw the zep go down and asks about a jeep. He finds one, and manages to get it running. Him and the zep pilot jump in and begin driving towards the crash site.

Three were-bears are gaining too fast, so Eric, Andrew, and the bodyguard stand and fight. They kill two and injure the third who gets up to Andrew, swatting him with a huge bear paw. Nate shows up in the jeep and puts the pedal to the medal, slamming into the bear and running it over. Everyone jumps into the jeep as more roars are heard close by. Deciding they couldn’t leave their precious zep, they drive to it as the roars get closer. Nate and the bodyguard carrying Kaleeya run into the zep as two bears show up. Nate works on repairing the zep well enough to get it off the ground while Eric drives the jeep around the bears, with Andrew taking potshots with his sidearm. Andrew puts one of the bears down with one shot, while the other knocks down the door to the zep, only to get shot in the mouth by the bodyguard. Nate gets the zep off the ground and heads back to the campsite, while Eric and Andrew ride back in the jeep.

They get back and Nate quickly gets the other zep off the ground, though its barely holding together. Nate works keeping the thing up while Eric tries to pilot the wreck, meanwhile the other pilot handles the other zep. They all manage to get back to civilization safely.

They get back to the city of Cylon, the survivors and Kaleeya are immediately transported to the nearest hospital, and the crew is disturbed because they have not been paid at all. Nate takes parts from the really damaged zep to repair the crew’s zep.

Three men in black suits show up and ask where the crew came from. They say Cotton outpost, to which the men reply that it does not exist, that the crew should forget anything they saw, and never to mention it again. The men then leave.

The crew is bewildered and head to the hospital to find Kaleeya and hopefully get some compensation for their heroic efforts. The bodyguard standing outside her room lets them in. She says she will pay them what she owes them, and then pay them double again to take her back, to the dig site.


Cheeseliker Cheeseliker

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