It’s a crazy rpg system. It’s steampunk. The characters are a zeppelin crew that explore and carry passengers for money.

There’s Eric, the zeppelin pilot. He has +2 to pilot, +1 to revolver so far. He also has no track.

There’s Ferifyl Elekay, the zeppelin Captain. She has +2 to socializing shit and +1 to rifle so far. She has a track of being magically sneaky and seducing and stuff. I forget what her real bonus is for this track at this moment, probably a bonus to sneak or socialize or something. She is also a chick. Who has breasts n’ stuff. She shot a bear once. Right in the mouth.

There’s Nate, the zeppelin Engineer. He has +2 to engineering shit. His track is being able to build crazy shit with little material eventually. At the moment, he can repair shit without extra material, using only the parts of the thing that is broke.


Most of the world is largely unknown, though being discovered quickly with the advancement of flying technologies. There are three major countries, each with it’s own laws and culture. There is one major ruling body with a city in the center of the known land, named Central. The farther from this city you get, the less and less law is enforced, bandits, etc. Towns and settlements far from the central city basically govern themselves, though technically, they are a part of the kingdom. The cities themselves also have control over some laws, such as, racial restrictions, magic/technology allowances, and other political things. The main tenets, which are obeyed by all cities in the kingdom, called MaTek, are, 1. No artificial intelligence without a master, tinkerer(Official name for someone who works with technology) or Mage. A lone wandering AI or golem will be destroyed immediately. Cyborgs, i.e. flesh creatures with technological enhancements are allowed. 2. Blending magic and technology is restricted and licensed. Must acquire a license before creating such a thing. 3. Killing a technical or magical creation is not murder.

4. (Recently added) The finding of any ancient ruins must be reported to the nearest government figure. If information is withheld, there will be consequences.

The government of MaTek is nosy and brutal with it’s punishments, but generally is known as ‘decent’ for the general populace. Previous groups of AI creatures have been wiped out, an issue the population is split upon, some thinking this is wrong, others thinking its right or not caring enough. There is an underground rebellion, which hides AI and tries to subvert the government any way it can, but its a pretty small thing, which the large overseeing government is not really afraid of. This government is ruled by a council of 13, 4 of which are powerful mages, 4 are Master Tinkerers, and 4 are basically very intelligent politicians, whom the general populace/workers/ones who are not mages or tinkerers can feel they have a voice, the last, is a mysterious man named Sark, who nobody really knows about, except that he gets to decide the vote if there is ever a split 50/50.

There is a desert to the south, filled with primitive mother nature and tribes of roaming barbarians. Most people do not venture far here, the lack of any civilization/technology or even magic quite scary to a technology/magic-dependent populace.

Many mages distrust technology. Many tinkerer’s distrust magic. There are settlements and even cities where one or the other is banned or restricted in some way.

As more of the world is being discovered, these ancient ruins have been of great interest to the government. Strange relics of power may be found within these, or technological advancements beyond reckoning. Some believe the government is trying to use these where as others say they are simply destroying them. The rebellion has also been searching for these, to find something that would give them an edge over the government.


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